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Larry Spurgeon

Larry Spurgeon Tribute

Larry Spurgeon was born in Brownstown in 1945. While growing up, he routinely helped his father and mother, H. Jack and Margaret Spurgeon, in the family funeral home business. After completing his embalming and funeral director schooling in 1964, Larry attended Indiana State Univ. and Indiana Business College. He served in the US Air Force Reserves and then was Jackson County Probation Officer for 30 years. During that time he continued working with the Spurgeon Funeral Home. In 2001, he began working full time in the business.  In addition to serving others in his business, Larry also served the community through membership in numerous organizations and by volunteering time to church and local projects. 

In addition to his wife Mary Sue, Larry is survived by his sons and their families: Doug, Suzan, and son Chandler;  and Todd, Joyce, and sons Justin and Will. Also surviving are his brother Jack and wife Doris and his sister Sally Jo Bogard.