A notice to our families

To Our Families and Community. Information on Funerals and COVID-19

Spurgeon Funeral Home, Inc. remains committed, prepared, and available 24/7 to safely care for the families we serve during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whenever possible, we will continue to enable families to participate in the rituals and services that are most important to them. The health and safety of all our families and staff is at the forefront of what we do as a funeral home and family.

At this time, Spurgeon Funeral Home, Inc. will continue to assist families in our normal, professional fashion. We want to ensure you we are taking all the necessary steps to limit the spread of the virus and are taking preventative measures to keep our families we serve healthy and safe.

In accordance with CDC recommendations, Spurgeon Funeral Home, Inc.  can hold a public visitation and funeral open to the public. The Jackson County Health Department is asking anyone who attends wear a mask.  We will have signage posted and will enforce social distancing to do out part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. We will be working with our families to honor their loved ones and where appropriate we will incorporate technology to better involve other family and friends in our community.

One of the many measures we are implementing is not to shake hands during this time period. As this action contradicts our signature professional demeanor and bond of friendship, please do not take offense or interpret this as a form of disrespect. We will be disinfecting our facilities in between visitations and funerals. We ask if you do attend a funeral or visitation, practice proper hygiene and social distancing. Our staff is taking extra steps to maintain the highest level of care for the families we serve, our community, and our employees during this heightened time of awareness. We always strive to provide a clean and healthy environment for those we are honored to serve.

Again, the priority of Spurgeon Funeral Home, Inc. is to protect and serve our community during these difficult times. We appreciate the work of our local health departments, medical professionals, and the CDC and will continue to adhere to their guidelines for as long as needed.

Please call our funeral home (812) 358-2252 with any questions or concerns you may have

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